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Dentoolworks accepts credit card payments via PayPal.You do not need a PayPay account to use this service!


We prefer PayPal
PayPal is a quick, convenient and secure way of sending and receiving money online. Whether sending cash to loved ones anywhere in the world, paying bills, making mass payments or shopping online, PayPal has it covered with availability in 190 countries and 24 currencies to choose from.

Why Use PayPal?
PayPal gives you the ability to fund your payments from multiple sources that you already know and love, including any balances in your PayPal account, bank account, credit and debit cards. Your financial details are securely stored with PayPal, thereby giving you the convenience of completing your transaction without typing in the information each time.

But the best part about using PayPal to make payments is that PayPal does not share your financial information such as credit card number or bank account details with the recipient. How's that for peace of mind? No wonder PayPal is Australia's favourite way to pay online, when compared with other online payment systems and individual credit card brands - Nielsen Online Consumer Report 2H 2009.


Magnum Super Die Stone
Magnum Super Die Stone-25kg/Pail

$95.00 (Including tax)

Seal-Temp S, Resin-based Temporary Cement
Seal-Temp S - Resin based Temporary Cement

$85.00   $74.50

Seal-Temp S, Resin-based Temporary Cement
Seal-Temp - Resin-based Temporary Cement

$85.00   $74.50

Seal-Temp S, Resin-based Temporary Cement
ELSOTEMP - Temporary Filling Cement


PHOENIX MD - Resin for temp crown & bridges

$123.00   $45.00

Wondertray NON Stick Fiber Free Tray Liner

$49.50   $38.90 (Including tax)

TopDent Contact/Occlusal Spray Ultra 2000 (Green)- 75ml
TopDent Contact/Occlusal Spray

$27.50 (Including tax)