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Nic Tone Dental Dam - 52pcs. 5" x 5"


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Premium quality Dental rubber dam, better resistance and elongation than any other brand in the market.
- Stretches up to 800% without tearing
- Made with the finest latex Low in proteins and powders.
- Colors contrast with oral tissues
- Positive influence on the area of concentration
- Adjusts to the retraction of soft tissues
- Made from refined latex


I've been advised to use them by one of my master (David Gerdolle, works in Switzerland) and I can see why. I am using them every single day, for absolutely all my bonding procedures. It is also good to alternate with the thin one (when I have to go through several tight contact points) and the thick one (when I need to push the gum a bit if the margins ares lightly sub gingival).

Dr. Stéphan Tessede

Lake Road Dental


The only rubber dam I will use. The perfect compromise between strength and elasticity for ease of use without tearing. I have tried many others (including much more expensive brands) and nictone is by far my favourite.

Dr. John Lim


This is great dam. It has a quality feel compared to any other dam I have ever used. It is easy to place and has never torn on me. The light blue is gentle on the eyes and is also a great backdrop for intra-oral photographs. I use rubber dam routinely so having a quality product like this that is easy to use and saves me time is a great help.

Joe Hooper B.D.S.
Rose Bay Dental


Nic Tone rubber dam provides the perfect combination of flexibility and thickness to prevent leakage and tearing, whilst still being easy to apply. Hands down the best rubber dam I have used