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ELSOTEMP - Temporary Filling Cement


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 Eugenol-free, Fluoridated Temporary Filling Cement


• Because of its high quality plasticizer, no expansion will occur during the setting process.

• No pulp or gum irritations (PH=7).

• Fast-setting.

• Waterproof.

• Eugenol-free: does not hinder polymerization of resins and composites.

• Contains fluoride: cariostatic action.

• Soft before setting to allow a perfect application during the filling process.

• Hard after setting.

• Stick to the walls of the tooth: remains in mouth 1 or 2 months, if needed.

• Easy to remove.

• White in colour and normal consistency in 28g jar.


Seal-Temp S, Resin-based Temporary Cement
Seal-Temp S - Resin based Temporary Cement

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Seal-Temp S, Resin-based Temporary Cement
Seal-Temp - Resin-based Temporary Cement

$85.00   $74.50 You save: $10.50 (12%)

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