The Dental Supplies Expert


Laboratory Equipment

Model trimmer, polishing lathe, vacuum mixer, dust collector

Flexible Denture Injection System

$1,375.00 (Including tax)

Large Dental Vibrator - 2 Wave Speed

$375.00 (Including tax)

Duplicating Machine
Hydrocolloid Duplicating Machine

$1,700.00 (Including tax)

Electric Wax Carving Pen

$236.50   $150.00 (Including tax)

Dental Polishing Lathe with Suction
Dental Polishing Lathe with Suction

$1,690.00 (Including tax)

ECO Electrolytic Polisher

$550.00   $450.00 (Including tax)

Dental Model Trimmer
ECO Dental Model Trimmer - Diamond Disc

$950.00 (Including tax)

ECO Dental Sand Blaster
ECO Dental Sand Blaster

$1,050.00 (Including tax)

Digital Dental Vacuum Mixer
Digital Dental Vacuum Mixer

$1,680.00 (Including tax)

Wax Dipping Pot

$209.00   $139.34 (Including tax)

Wax Pot (Four Wells)

$160.00   $80.00 (Including tax)

Wax Pot (Single Well)

$218.90 (Including tax)