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Polishing and Buffing

Pumice, polishing paste, polishing wheels, mops

Rhino® Polishing Paste
Rhino® Polishing Paste

$12.50 (Including tax)

4 Row Lathe Brush

$9.50 (Including tax)

3 Row Lathe Brush

$8.30 (Including tax)

2 Row Lathe Brush

$7.20 (Including tax)

Black Palate Brush

$4.98 (Including tax)

Tree Shape Palate Brush

$34.85 (Including tax)

Bristle Brush Mounted - 25mm

$38.90 (Including tax)

Mounted Wire Brush Steel (25mm dia.)

$54.60 (Including tax)

Felt Wheels Mounted (25mm dia.)

$29.00   $16.30

Felt Points Mounted

$24.00 (Including tax)

Felt Cones

$4.70 (Including tax)

Wite Cotton Buffing Wheel (100mm dia)

$9.00 (Including tax)