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Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Disc

This range of Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Discs are of the highest quality in the market today. Our discs have the ability to work on all types of alloy, from Gold, to the hardest non precious alloys the market has to offer.
No metal is to hard for the M.P.F Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Disc, a must for the partial denture laboratory!
The 25mm disc is a work horse, it has the ability to cut units from the sprue, but also trim and prepare your metallic surface with very little pressure.

38mm disc are great for cutting units away from their sprue!

Due to the binder that we use to make our discs with, we have the ability to use our Discs in ways that are not conventional to the normal disc, left to right movements are no problem for the MPF Abrasive Disc, the binder allows us to have this flexibility, without breakage.

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