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BIO Plus Products

Toxicology and biocompatibility of dental materials has evolved into a comprehensive, complex, and independent discipline of dental materials science. As more and more oral and mucosal adverse reactions to resin-based dental materials have been reported, as dentists, knowing about which materials are biocompatible with less toxiticity and which are not has become the number one priority. 

With this in mind, Dentoolworks has made the conscious decision to become the Australia's market leading supplier in ‘green’ dental products. Our decision was not only out of consideration for your patient's health but also for the environment. 

Thereby we are very proud to offer our "Bio Plus" range of non-toxic everyday essential materials to help alleviate your patients concerns about what's been used in their mouths so you as dentists can focus on enhancing patient care and service.

The following products DO NOT contain TEGDMA, Bis GMA and/or HEMA.



Seal-Temp S, Resin-based Temporary Cement
Seal-Temp S - Resin based Temporary Cement

$85.00   $74.50

Seal-Temp S, Resin-based Temporary Cement
Seal-Temp - Resin-based Temporary Cement

$85.00   $74.50

Seal-Temp S, Resin-based Temporary Cement
HEALDENT Self-curing liner

$89.00   $67.38

PHOENIX MD - Resin for temp crown & bridges

$123.00   $45.00


$220.00   $70.00


$85.00   $54.68

PUREFILL Nano Hybrid Bio-compatible Composite

$59.00   $44.95

OPAQ Light-curing opaquer

$39.00   $33.67

INNOCEM Self-adhesive universal permanent ...

$130.00   $89.54