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PHOENIX MD - Resin for temp crown & bridges


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Modified bi-acrylic resin for temporary crown and bridges


  • High flexural strength and slightly resilient: PHOENIX MD is very resistant and does not break easily.
  • To make temporary crowns with a primary impression but also without : due to its natural thixotropy, REST AUTOMIX PRIMA does not flow and can be injected directly in mouth, around the abutment tooth.
  • Natural and fluorescent shades.
  • Easy to extrude.
  • Highly polishable
  • To make temporary crowns and long temporary bridges, with a pre-impression (indirect method). Due to its high consistency, it i suitable to inject some resin in the sulcus of the preparation, prior to put the resin-filled impression back in the mouth.
  • To make temporary crowns directly in mouth (direct method). A crown can be made in mouth within 3 minutes maximum.
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