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Dual-curing core built-up material

 HEMA and TEGDMA free
  • Very thixotropic: the material does not flow and remains in place without the need for a matrix. This dramatically improves the vision of the operating field.
  • Equivalent hardness to dentin. The operator does not feel the difference when the bur moves from the tooth structures to the material. 
  • High flexural strength (130 MPa).
  • High compressive strength.
  • Also designed to seal root canal posts with a dual-curing bonding.
  • Radiopaque.

 Presentation:1x 25ml cartridge + 20 mixing tips + 20 intra-oral tips.


"Core D and Core D flow: 2 excellent dual cure composite products for bonding posts in root-canals and making the core build-up, and due to it's thixotropic nature, it doesn't slump so it's easy to build the core without using a shell matrix. Subsequent prepping is equivalent to cutting natural dentin. The 2 viscosities give a great deal of clinical flexibility."


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