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Use Wondergel during the build-up and contour processes to hold crowns, veneers, and small castings in place. Wondergel makes it easy to handle small, difficult parts.

Temporarily bonds the restoration to the working die, while being easily removed after completion of the build-up or contouring. Wondergel is water-soluble and doesn’t leave any contaminates on the restoration. It is recommended for pressed porcelain veneers, pfm crowns, and alumina and zirconia restorations.

Wondergel Advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Like having an extra helping hand
  • Easier to handle small & loose fitting restorations
  • Eliminates risk of contamination
  • Water-soluble
  • 3cc syringe : Approx. 225 uses


New Tools for the Trade
– by Kevin Morris, CDT

Can Wondergel be used with e.max© and Lava™ Zirconia crowns?
Yes Absolutely!

Easy to Use


1. Place a small amount of Wondergel inside the restoration.

2. Place restoration on die. (If excess gel is squeezed out at the marginal area, hold restoration with the finger and use air pressure to blow excess down and away from the margin.)

3. Restoration is ready to build-up or contour. (It is not recommended to remove gel prior to firing.)

4. Easily remove restoration from die.

About Dental Creations’ Wondergel